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  • Q: How can I tell if my child is being bullied?
    These are some of the following signs to look for: • Difficulty sleeping at night or frequent nightmares • Declining grades, loss of interest in completing homework or wanting to go to school • Wanting to run away from home, harming themselves or talking about suicide • Sudden loss of friends and not wanting to socialize with others in their usual circle • Unease feelings of hopelessness or decreased self esteem • Unexplainable injuries and lies told about how they occured • Changes in eating habits or skipping meals • Not wanting to ride the school bus • Sudden loss of friends
  • Q: If my child is having suicidal thoughts, who can I call? "
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Don't suffer in silence, get HELP!
  • Q: How do I bully proof my child's life and build their resiliency?
    You have to inspire positive emotions, always provide social support, discover their talents to focus their energies, promote problem solving skills, inspire them to a brighter future and most importantly, lead by example.
  • Q: Why should I get involved with Tomorrow's Leaders for Change?
    TLC Organization provides real solutions and is a passionate team united to saving lives from bullycides, suicidal thoughts, depression, low self-esteem and obesity. We work with every family regardless of ethnicity, race or religion. After joining our cause, you will be inspired to change lives for all of humanity.
  • Q: What does the Leadership program entails?
    The leadership program entails youth actively on the frontlines in their schools standing up to bullying, reaching out to both parties involved (Bullies & Victims) and stopping it as it occurs. Leaders are the support systems working with school officials to bring the problem to the forefront and following up to resolve the issues.
  • Q: How often will the Leaders meet?
    Meetings will be held monthly to go over curriculum for their particular school in the first 3 months. Thereafter, every other month. The leadership team will go over goals, strategies for your school based on demand for services and each leader will be rewarded for standing up to bullying.
  • Q: How does the Fitness Challenge work?
    Each challenger is provided a game plan to eat healthy, eliminating unhealthy junk foods with more fruits & vegetables, staying away from fast food restaurants which are high in empty calories and getting rid of soda drinks while on the 60 day challenge. We also encourage each challenger to become physically active daily which there are exercises you can do at the comfort of your own home without a gym membership. The goal is to give you 60 days to change your mentality about living a healthier lifestyle.
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