Our Mission

Tomorrow's Leaders for Change is a powerful movement established to uplift, motivate and inspire people in the Fight Against Bullying & Obesity. We organize successful community campaigns. Our program is O.B.E.Y Obese Becoming Energized Youth and Overcome Bullying Excite You. The goal is to educate Americans about these topics, ways to combat the issues and equip you to make adequate life choices. It is owned and operated by an author and visionary, Tina Pool that's a bullying survivor of ten years. TLC will provide more than "sound bites" but real "solutions" toward a winning outcome!

Focus areas:

1. Building character, confidence and esteem

2. Building positive relationships

3. Social and emotional development

4. Bullying prevention

5. Obesity awareness

6. Effective leadership

7. Living a life filled with purpose

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase awareness about bullying and obesity, which are serious epidemics of school aged children and to advocate change with effective prevention strategies that will build their future success.

Quick Stats of Our Program
  • Tomorrow's Leaders for Change has serviced hundreds of students within 4 Nashville Metro Schools.

  • 75% of the students participated in our 1st Fitness Challenge for a combined 40lbs lost.

  • Parents of VBN network participated in our 2nd Fitness Challenge and total weight loss was 27lbs with the top winner loosing almost 11lbs in 60 days.

Empowered Students 6.jpg